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The award seeks to recognise excellence in sporting achievement over the past year as well as contribution to the life and operation of the sporting section within the youth club.


The award is judged by the North Ryde RSL Youth Club Management Committee and presented at an annual presentation held in October each year.






This award was created in 1994. It came about due to the donation of a trophy from the Ryde City Council – Sports Foundation.


The Ryde Sports Foundation is a community body that assists and promotes youth involvement with sport. Some assistance is given to local athletes to compete at interstate and international events.


Once a year the Foundation acknowledges the talents of the best local athletes from a variety of sports. The Foundation is supported by Club Six.




The North Ryde RSL Youth Club Award uses the following:


  1. Achievement of the participant at various levels of the sport. This should be beyond club level.
  2. The contribution that the individual may make to life within the sporting section.
  3. The ability of the young person to develop as a role model for other young people.
  4. Be aged 12 years or older, as this is the age at which children are given the opportunity to develop in their sport outside participation at club level.




Each section is encouraged to select at least one participant that they believe should be recognized for their consistent effort in their chosen sport. It should be seen as a reward for persistence and consistency in development of the necessary skills to participate in sport.






In 2002 the club recognised that it was important to recognise and reward children less than 12 years of age.


This award seeks to give each sporting section the opportunity to showcase the “special” talent that some young children have in their chosen sport within the context of the Youth Club.


In 2005, the opportunity is given to all sections to nominate participants for recognition and encouragement where they are aged above 12 years of age. It has also been recognised that not all sporting Sections may wish to nominate an individual for the Sportsperson Award, but rather use the Recognition & Encouragement Award as a more appropriate method.